We build strong communities of multi-generational Veterans by encouraging, mentoring and creating a strong camaraderie around a common interest in auto racing. 


It is our commitment to assist all Veterans in accessing, managing and sustaining available resources through education, advocacy, and support. 


Racing for Heroes builds racing teams to help our Veterans through their recovery, rehabilitation, and assimilation. Teams will take away vital skills they can use in their professional and personal lives.

Alexandria | Virginia

Saturday | OCT 22, 2016

The Special Forces community gathered at John Strongbow’s Tavern for the Power of Unity Happy Hour on Saturday, October 22nd. The live band set the tone for attendees who gathered in efforts to contribute raising funds for the organization and bring awareness to TBI and PTSD in the state of Virginia. Community members stopped to see the handcrafted RFH race car engrained with the names of our fallen heroes and to speak with RFH President and CEO, Mike Evock.

Mill Hall, Pennsylvania

Saturday | August 13, 2016


Houston | Texas

Radical Texas

WHAT AN EXCITING TIME!!!! We just returned from our trip to Texas with Mike and Kurt. Our visit to Houston and Radical-Texas was welcoming and received with warmth and hospitality. Our group had the honor of being accompanied by CWO Gary O'Neal, retired US Army Special Forces Ranger (2010 Ranger Hall of Fame Inductee). We had the great pleasure of discussing the future relationship and upcoming events in which RFH will be able to participate.  More details to follow....

The Racing for Heroes Baja trip in April 2016 was simply amazing!  I was fortunate enough to have seven veterans, several whom I have met for the first time, race across the famed Baja 1000 course in Wide Open Baja Challenge cars.   Being around fellow veterans who suffer from the crippling effects of PTS, was not depressing, but rather invigorating!   I have spent many of days, weeks wondering if I was the only one who had these thoughts, depression, anxiety, and a false sense of purpose.   Racing the cars on the desert track was part of it and when the days ride concluded, the bonding commenced.  Sitting at the dinner table and after, the only thing heard was laughter.   The old adage, “laughter is the best medicine” is spot on in this setting.  We sat not wondering about anything, no one as depressed, and even though we just met days prior, as an outsider listening, you would have thought we grew up together. -MAJ Kurt Cook, USA, RET. (U.S. Army Special Forces)

Veteran Motorsport Enthusiasts Race for Mental Health

Motorsport therapy moguls, Racing For Heroes, combats physical and psychological effects in Veterans through a variety of racing styles. Founded in the Pennsylvania mountains by CW3 Mike Evock, USA RET. and Major Kurt Cook, USA RET. of Special Forces, the organization has united countless Veterans through their Motor Sports Therapy Program.

The organization functions with a mission to recognize mental health and provide rehabilitation through motor sport therapy for all brothers and sisters in arms suffering from mental health issues, such as PTSD and TBI. The unique approach Racing For Heroes has paved in Veterans therapy is achieved by driving the focus away from the stressors of post-military life and racing it to an end on the pavement. Endlessly creating a path for warriors, the organization has mastered team building by recreating the military camaraderie through driving racecars, organizing ATV/ UTV rides, camping excursions, and partnering with like-minded Veteran Service Organizations for various events throughout the nation.

On April 14, 2017, the motorsport therapy organizers will present a remarkable event, the Racing For Heroes Inaugural Gala at the legendary NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, N.C. This night of honor and elegance will serve as a platform to recognize the military community and the hardships they face on a daily basis. Distinguished organizations and high-level supporters will collaborate in efforts honor the work of Racing For Heroes in their journey to make a difference in the Veterans community.

In addition to the Gala, Racing for Heroes will host several other events in support of their mission to raise awareness for our members of the Armed Forces, both past and present. These events include: Jumping for a Purpose (Oct. 15-16, 2016), the ChumpCar Race at the Virginia International Raceway (Dec. 2-4, 2016), the Vettys Presidential Inaugural Ball (Jan. 20, 2017), and the annual Racing For Heroes Mud Bash in the Mountains (April 29-30, 2017). 

“Not all Veterans pilot and pit the cars,” said Mike Evock, President & Founder of RFH. “Some come to contribute by driving the hauler and to maintain the logistical aspects of the race team. Everyone is welcome to be a part of RFH regardless of their background.”

An unbreakable bond! A brotherhood like no there! Founded in loyalty, integrity and trust of veterans of the Armed Forces.